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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Smiley Miley Cyrus is no stranger to number one hits including her new album, Can't Be Tamed. She started out as an idol to nearly every little girl and now she continues that legacy along with making albums for older audiences. Her music video for Can't Be Tamed, the single, shows how much she's grown up and what she's capable of in her future- making this much change already.

Destiny was Cyrus' birth name. I personally think it suits her more than Miley. Her dad started calling her "smiley" when they went out to TV interviews, auditions, etc. and it eventually turned into Miley. Miley's destiny was to be an inspiration to girls of all ages and she's upheld that extremely well.

Even I, a well-retired Hannah Montana fan, continue to find myself tapping my toes to her songs. Not only every daughter, but every mom has to agree that Miley's songs deserve to be hits. No matter how much you try to argue, this country girl's chops make you get up and dance with a hairbrush as your microphone... don't deny you've done it.

It's a fact that people grow up but having the world look up to you going through your awkward stages, let's say, is not my fantasy. Superstars have different forms of their "awkward stages", of course, but you don't have a choice with changes. Miley Cyrus is still an inspiration to millions and millions of little girls while growing up on her way to creating an immense legacy.

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